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CNC Machining Parts
CNC Machining Parts
For running less and high volume production, Pin Tai follows customer’s CAD drawing exactly to offer competitive price and short lead-time delivery. We can deal various kind of material, such as Brass, Copper, Steel, Alloy Steel, High Nickel Alloy steel, Stainless Steel, EDI, Nylon in our facility. The production range can be from DIA 1mm to DIA 52mm, length can be from 2mm to 2M for multi hole, slot, and shape.
Product: Nut
Material: Brass
Process: Surface Treatment - Nickel
Product: Nut
Material: Brass
Process: Surface Treatment - Clean
Product: Nut
Material: Steel SUS316
Process: Surface Treatment - Clean
Product: Screw
Material: Steel 40ACR
Process: Surface Treatment-Class 8.8,Zinc-Geomet 500A
Threaded Insert
Product: Threaded Insert
Material: Steel S15C
Process: Surface Treatment-Oil
Thumb Screw
Product: Thumb Screw
Material: Steel 1144
Process: Surface Treatment-Class 8.8
Volume Control Damper
Product: Volume Control Damper
Material: Steel 1215
Process: Surface Treatment-Zinc
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Pin Tai's integration of CNC machining service includes Casting, Cold Forging, Plastic Injection, Sinter, Stamping, etc.
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